09 Nov

Need to feel more grounded, connected and aligned? 
Want to find support in dealing with limiting emotions, trauma, experiences manifesting in your physical body as sleep problems, pain, lack of energy, motivation, dissatisfaction?
Join us Saturday 7th/ 14th and 21st November from 11-13 hrs in atlantisspiritualcentre.
A new and unique group using my experience of Movement Shiatsu bodywork (Gestalt and 5 elements of Oriental Medicine), Tantra, Taoism. Inner Qi Qong, Yoga, Miranda Gray female Awakening system. 
We will be using voice work, movement & music, breathing, tailored to the needs of the women attending. This groups aims to get your body awareness activated and moving to release all what you need. 
Book with me Ruth Zabbar or Alice at @atlantisspiritualcentre. 
Purity & Grace. 
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