Energy therapies

Energy therapies


REIKI is an ancient Japanese technique for stress reduction, relaxation and emotional balance. It is suitable for adults, babies and children in handling diverse conditions. REIKI also works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to promote recovery through relaxation. I am a qualified Usui REIKI practitioner and studying the energy since 2004.

PRICE:£60 £50 per hour

NEW! Distance Healing REIKI

Relax and unwind in these difficult times with a 45 minutes REIKI healing session. You can book now from anywhere in the world your distance healing REIKI session. Reiki will be channelled to you at your preferred time, best to make sure you have enough time and find a quite place to receive your healing session. We can have a zoom call for you to receive the session too. Call me or email me for detailed instructions. For best results we will have to see each other previously before the session, (zoom, video call). Ruth is a qualified Usui Reiki practitioner and has been studying and working the energy systems since 2004.

PRICE: £30 per 45min. 

Get in touch: +44 2034758113

Female Energy awakening system / Womb blessing attunement

Ruth is a qualified Moon Mother. The Womb Blessing® is used to refer not just the physical organ but also the energy centre that lies over the womb area which all women have, regardless of whether or not they have a physical womb and a cycle. This womb blessing is a gentle but powerful system of female energy awakening, transformation and healing. To register for our next worldwide Womb Blessing or for more information check It works for: Awakening deeper awareness of the Divine Feminine within women and in their lives. Awaken women's ability to love. Clear and heal old patterns and blocks. Clear old patterns of women ancestry and past. Energise the womb energy centre returning depleted energy and bringing completeness. Ground and Centre women more deeply in the Earth and in their relationship with mother earth. Bring increasing self-empowerment and a sense of peace, self acceptance and self love.

PRICE:£50  per 60 min

Get in touch: +44 2034758113

NEW! Distance Womb Healing session

Ruth is a qualified Moon Mother from the Womb Blessing of Miranda Gray. You will be meditating at the same time of receiving the distant healing. You will also receive a Cauldron/ Womb Energiser at a distance before the Womb healing session. Zoom call session available. Call or email for more info. Register now at to receive the Womb Blessing attunement 5 times a year on Full Moon where thousands of women around the world will be taking part to awaken, heal and connect to the love, light and peace of the Divine Feminine.

PRICE: £30 

Get in touch: +44 2034758113

Cosmic Healing

Using the Universal Healing Tao system from Master Mantak Chia, we will use the Healing sounds, and Cosmic Healing techniques to help you improve all sorts of conditions. Ruth is a qualified Cosmic Healing practitioner trained in Healing Tao steps 1,2,3 and Cosmic Healing I and II by Mantak Chia.

PRICE: £50 per 60 min

Get in touch: +44 2034758113