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"Physical and emotional problems are not something to be fixed but messages from the body to the conscious mind. If you fix someone else's conditions without their understanding then you are silencing the part of them that was trying to be heard and probably another issue will pop up. They remain a victim to their problems. In Movement Shiatsu the practitioner is helping the client to understand and explore the messages from their body. The language of the body is movement and sound and because these movements and sounds are not produced through conscious choice, they are frequently inhibited through embarrassment or shame. The model we work with is that the body and mind consist of many different agents. Each organ, muscle and other body parts are like members of an Inner Community. Movement Shiatsu facilitates this inner group and helps each member to be heard and valued." *Bill Palmer. Movement Shiatsu manifest. Movement Shiatsu was founded by Bill Palmer (, it is an exploratory form of Shiatsu that includes becoming aware through breathing and movement, so that you can integrate this into your daily life beyond treatment sessions, you will notice the changes as they emerge.

  • Date: 11/03/2023 10:00 AM - 11/03/2023 05:00 PM
  • Location: Enfield EN2 9DG, Reino Unido (Map)
  • More Info: Atlantis Centre, Browns garden village. Theobalds park rd, Crews Hill, Enfield. Greater London. Free parking on site. Only 10 minutes walk from Crews Hill train station.


Movement Shiatsu is based on experiencing your body sensations, we guide exercises to help you become aware of what the different parts of your body are trying to tell you, in this workshop we offer as safe and fun space to explore your body language and allow it to communicate to you what it needs. 


We achieve this awareness and communication through:

- Body scanning.

- Breathing awareness.

- Inner Qiqong. ( to experience the energy meridians within your body and their connection with the universe)

- Experiential anatomy.

- Forms of touch.

- Active listening.

- Spontaneous movement. 

In this first workshop Introduction to Movement Shiatsu Workshop. CPD certificate available at request.  We will be guiding you to help you experience the 1st family of the 3 we work with as a system to achieve this communication with your body. It is a communication with the intention to listen and not to change, to allow whatever it needs to be released instead of forcing it out. 

This first family works with the EARTH and the METAL elements that form your being, who you are? What you feel?, what are your boundaries where you feel comfortable connecting with your body, your home. Your SELF and in relations with others. 

The video below shows pictures of this work that has been done for over 30 years by Bill Palmer, my teacher. 

Bill Commerford and Ruth Patrizzi have over 20 years experience as a Shiatsu therapists working with clients in mental and sexual health projects, substance/alcohol dependency programmes, NHs and community based projects and treatments on-site at festivals and to staff in London based companies. Bill and Ruth are also Movement Shiatsu and Inner Qigong teachers.

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