Bug Buster Pure Essential Oil Blend 10ml


Our Bug Buster pre-blended essential oil contains powerful immuno-stimulant and antimicrobial essential oils to support the immune system and maintain healthy airways. This 100% natural blend combines French Lavender, Tea Tree and Lemon essential oils for their antiviral, antibacterial action, and Myrrh, Plai and White Camphor for their beneficial effect on the respiratory system. To create a therapeutic aromatherapy inhalation simply add 3-4 drops of the Bug Buster blend to 1 Litre of steaming hot water, either in a bowl or sink. Lean over the bowl/sink and place a towel over your head to seal in the steam. Inhale deeply with your eyes closed, for a least 5 minutes. The Bug Buster blend can also be added to a vaporiser or aromatherapy oil burner to help neutralise airborne microbes and keep bugs at bay. Safety advice: Myrrh and White Camphor essential oils should be avoided throughout pregnancy. Click here for further information on how to use our pre-blended essential oils.

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