08 Feb

Last Saturday I was in Atlantis with my Shamanic group “the Dragonflies” and I remembered that my first contact with Shiatsu was in an introductory workshop back in 2003 at the Zen Shiatsu school here in London,  my intention was to choose something to do with my hands which I knew by then I could give them good use just that I didn’t know what, so I was searching. 

That day changed my life forever because on that morning I was feeling really sad, I was crying all the way going from Brentford, where I used to live, to Old Street, where the workshop was. I was grieving after a breakup, situation that was really hard for me to handle emotionally being very young, I felt really sad and I can say now that my teacher Megan also felt my gloomy vibe. She asked me to lay in the futon  placed in the middle of the room, on supine ( facing up). I was so excited and curious!, I laid there and she placed her hands on my solar plexus area, in the middle of my chest, she stayed there touching me with her fingertips, around 5 minutes, I remember me, with my eyes closed and trying to open my eyes a little to see what she was doing. Megan was with her hand on my chest and with a serene smile on her face, what a unforgettable moment!, when she finished and all the sadness I was feeling was gone! It was like a ver heavy rock was lifted off me, I couldn’t believe it, and on top of it I felt very very happy instead, it was joy, the joy of relief. 

This moment, at that introductory workshop to Zen Shiatsu, was what made me fall in love with it, this is where all started, I knew then I wanted to help people that way, its so amazing to learn by experiencing it myself, and my life got better every day since then, because I have never stopped searching for more to learn.

This is how I learnt that emotions live in our organs, and I learnt too that I prefer to have a experience in order to learn something.  It is so different! and you never forget it. You embodied it, the same way trauma gets embodied when you go through it. Funnily enough I suffered most of my life with asthma and respiratory problems, I don’t anymore. In the picture below you can see that grief lives in the lungs according to the Chinese medicine theory of the 5 elements. After 20 years and many many courses and formation I am giving my first formal introductory workshop in Movement Shiatsu, and I am so lucky to count with the support and presence of Bill Commerford (www.shiatsytherapy.net) with whom I have the honor to be working now in different Shiatsu projects.

This workshop is being prepared to be mainly experiencial, very liberating and without all the intense structure that exist in other bodywork trainings because it is about connecting with your own self and feeling your own body in relation with others. 

There are still a few places left, don’t miss this opportunity to explore in a  safe and calm environment. Please see all details here Introduction to Movement Shiatsu Workshop. CPD certificate available at request.  Contact me to secure your place and if you have any questions. 07479502695 , pm or at info@touchtherapies.org. With love. Ruth

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